Fire hydrant in Philadelphia

Where to start? Sometimes you only want a drink of water, but once you unscrew that metal cover from a fire hydrant, taking just a sip is impossible. That’s how it is when you want just a bit of knowledge or understanding on a topic, and after the effort to truly remove the cover to your mind, and open your head and your heart,  and be careful not to drown in the flood. Sometimes it seem easier to just go thirsty, rather than to find the right tool to open the hydrant, or your mind.

Reading, writing, speaking, thinking, discussing, and even debating can offer possible tools open the mind. Sometimes, the first tool you use works; other times, it takes the whole tool box to open that thing. Writing will be the first tool I pull out, and the results–either success or failure–will be a part of this attempt to open up issues. I make no promises to only cover one area of interest. Sorry, but although I have focused on just one area now and then, I truly am a specialized-generalist.

After moving to Boston for graduate school, I was fortunate to find a wonderful political commentator on the AM radio dial (yes, I am that old!). Peter Meade kept Boston, and much of New England, on its toes with his astute observations and analysis. I would never be so bold as to hope to reach his skillful level of observation; however, I fondly recall and relish his tagline, “Nobody asked. Just my opinion.” Thus, the title to this blog.



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